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Tuesday 14 April 2015

SDLXLIFF, SDLTM, and SDLTB in CafeTran 2015

[Originally posted on ProZ. For Studio packages - SDLPPX files - see the CafeTran Wiki]

Editing an SDLXLIFF file in CafeTran is easy. I did hundreds of them.
  • Run CafeTran
  • Drop the SDLXLIFF file on the Dashboard
  • The correct language codes are automatically selected
  • Click "Next" to start working ("locked" segments remain locked)

To add a Studio translation memory for segments - SDLTM, an SQLite database:

Studio's termbase - SDLTB - is a bit more complicated. It's an MS Access file, and fortunately, Access is not available for OS X.

  • Download Axxess (free) from the App Store
  • Open the SDLTB file in Axxess

  • Select the source language
  • File | Export to Excel
  • Open the spreadsheet (in Excel, Numbers, etc.)
  • Delete all nonsensical columns
  • Repeat for target language
  • Copy target language column into the spreadsheet for the source language
  • Save as tab delimited text file
  • Import in a new CafeTran TMX memory for terms (or use as tab delimited glossary if you are that way inclined)
  • Back to work
Updates: 1. Axxess isn't free anymore. 2. I was lucky, the SDLTB I converted was very simple. For SDLTBs with alternative translations, or with more languages, please sort on "conceptid" (thanks to HansL for pointing it out).