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Wednesday 29 June 2011

New Build

Igor released a new CafeTran build. New features:

  • Gluing segments of many documents
    CafeTran allows you to work with many documents in one project by selecting the folder that contains them when creating a new project. They are available for translation the menu Project>Documents ... . During the translation, you can switch between them or glue them in one view for convenience. Of course, the segments must be first created so it is best to choose  Automatic segmentation when setting up a new project with several documents.
  • Filtering and sorting segments
    A very handy feature that allows you to hook into the workflow only selected segments. Filtering can be done by a word, phrase, note, checked or unchecked segments. In addition, the program lets you sort segments alphabetically. The described features are available in the Find menu.
  • Saving project segments to the HTML fileMenu Project>Save as..., next choose File of type - html. This is useful for displaying segments in the browser, e.g. to review them outside the program or open in the table of Ms Word or OpenOffice.
  • Highlighting spelling mistakes in red instead of underlining in black them when the program is connected to the OpenOffice spellchecker.

  • Bug fix
    Skip numbers now doesn't skip whole segments that start with a number.