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Friday 6 May 2011

Internet Resources

In my previous entry, I mentioned youalign. The developers of that wonderful tool asked me to check out their new Internet resource, webitext. I did, of course, and then I thought of trying to integrate it into CafeTran, one of the many CT features I haven't even looked at.

It's easy. In the workflow UI, you go to Library>New Resource and choose Internet>OK. You will see the following dialogue box.
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I'm afraid I only entered the webitext URL because I had (and have) no clue about Address Start and Address End. Never mind, click OK and go back to the workflow UI. To activate webitext, go to Library>Internet>webitext.

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And there you are. Some things don't work as I would have expected, and it's a bit slow, but then again, this is my very first try.
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UPDATE: Please do enter the Address Start and End fields (see comments below). If you do, the whole lot works faster, plus you can use the CT Search Field to enter terms (by double clicking or selecting them in the source pane) to get results from webitext.