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Thursday 5 July 2012

Top Priority

In the new CafeTran build, setting resource priorities is a piece of cake.

In your TMX memory settings, just click the priority level of your choice.

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Glossaries always overrule TMs, but it is now possible to set the priority of multiple glossaries in relation to each other when you add a glossary or term list.

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Right-clicking in the TMX or glossary pane also allows you to change the priority settings.

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Note that right-clicking also allows you to choose edit your glossary (here's looking at you, HansL). In OS X, TextEdit will pop up, no doubt Windows and Linux will provide an equivalent.

A typical priorities scenario for me would be:

My memory for segments (Big Mama)   Medium priority
Client's memory for segments                High priority
My memory for terms (Big Papa)           Medium priority
Client's memory for terms                      High priority
Glossary                                                High priority