[Please note that some of the entries are very old.*]

Saturday 27 November 2010

The First Translation Effort

Time to do some work.
I ran Start.jar to open CafeTran, and before opening my tiny project, I activated my databases.
I opened my MDB and TDB* (both in TMX format) by going to Memory>Open Memory, and my Lexicon by going to Library>Glossaries.
I then opened my Project. One of my worries instantly disappeared: No more "Memory 1". Good.

I translated the first segment using the memories (Memory>Insert Autotranslation), but I suppose I need to practice that a bit more. I also added terms to the Lexicon and to the TDB, and they were instantly available. Good.

I clicked "Next segment", and inserted the Bing translation.

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Since this is the first occasion that I want to continue the Project, I quit using Control+Q instead of Command+Q. Not good.

I opened the project again, and nothing was there:

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No databases, no translation of the first sentence. I should have saved the project first (using Save As rather than Save? The latter seems to want to save the memory, and then again, which memory?). This may seem obvious, but I'm not used to do that. Another switcher's problem. Anyway, I repeated the process, saved the Project "As", quit CT, opened it again, only to find out that the translation of the first segment was there, but the memories weren't, nor the Bing translation I copied into the translation window.

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Tomorrow is another day...

*When opening my MDB and TDB, I got the following Error Message: An invalid XLM character (Unicode: 0X7) was found in the element content of the document.