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Thursday 25 November 2010

Importing a Translation Memory

This is the last of the DéjàVu databases I will import in CafeTran, that is, for this project and this blog. DV3 allows me to export my memory database / Big Mama as a WorkBench or a TMX file, but I prefer to stay away from Trados as much as I can, so I choose export as text delimited file again. No need to repeat the procedure, it's in the previous entries.
The other reason for choosing a text file again, is because I want to try Igor's suggestion in the comment in the previous entry, i.e. convert the glossary into a TMX file within CT.

  • Open CT if it's not open already,
  • Open the MDB glossary (Algemeen ENG>DUT MDB)
  • Select Memory>Conversions>Import entries from glossary

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  • When import is finished, save the memory to a tmx file (Memory>Save).

As in the case of the TDB and the Lexicon, I ended up with a *.res file that does not actually contain the data. The conversion, however, resulted in a `real' CT database, so it is safe - I think - to delete the .res file that was created before the conversion, and the original MDB text file.

Time to have a look at what CT can accomplish with those databases.