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Sunday 21 November 2010

Getting Started

To open my first project, I run, er, Start.jar.

Since you cannot have Start.jar in the Dock, you will have to double-click its icon, or you can hit Command+Space to activate Spotlight (I gave up on QuickSilver, Spotlight is faster and more comprehensive), and start typing: Start.jar. You probably only need to enter S or St, and you can hit Return to start CafeTran. To have an icon in the Dock, you could create an Automator workflow, but that would be an extremely simple one, and its icon may cause confusion if you have other Automator workflows in your dock. Any ideas to solve this minor problem?

Choose your project in the CT pop-up window, and there's your text to be translated. And hardly anything else. To begin translating, click the Start icon, or go to Translation > Start translation (Shortcut: Control+Alt+Home). Now there's the first sentence to be translated, and at the bottom from left to right, Google and Bing suggestions, the complete XML file to be translated, Memory 1 (empty because we haven't done anything yet), and a list of frequent terms. The latter doesn't seem particularly useful to me, but I can be wrong. As a matter of fact, I can be wrong about just about anything on this subject matter, so please educate me.

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This set-up will probably work fine for first-time CAT tool users. "Switchers" however, will be tempted to use their "old" databases.