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Wednesday 24 November 2010

Importing a Glossary II

Importing the "Lexicon for this Project" is essentially the same procedure as importing the TDB since it is also a tab delimited file. My first attempt, however, did import the lexicon, but after opening it, showed all terms instead of the terms for the current segment only. Changing the "Entries separator" from Windows into MAC did the trick, but don't ask me why.

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Lots of colleagues who use DéjàVu just forget about the Lexicon, but I think it is very useful. It is project-specific, and - in contrast with the TDB - you can only add a term and its translation once (an older entry will be deleted after confirmation), so you always have your latest solution for a particular term at hand. For CafeTran, there is another advantage: The lexicon only gives you one suggestion for each term, but since in the process of converting the TDB into a tab delimited file all TDB time stamps disappear, the CT database shows you all solutions, including old and even wrong ones. I'll have to think of a strategy to avoid that. All suggestions are welcome!

*I added a new tip in the Igor Says section on assigning more RAM to CT.