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Saturday 20 November 2010


It seems CafeTran is not the easiest CAT tool around, so knowing where you can get help, just might be useful.

CafeTran offers a manual, the Handbook. It's a reference book rather than a course in CafeTran. It's like reading a handbook for mathematics, boring, and NO PICS! Not even screenshots. The "Flash Start" is not suitable for beginners because it's too dull, but it's also not suitable for "switchers" like me, because it doesn't deal with existing translation memories. The rest of the Handbook is for reference only.

TranslatorsTraining offers instruction videos for the most popular CAT tools, including CafeTran. The video gives beginners a pretty good idea of how to start working with CafeTran, but it is very basic and as good as useless for switchers. Apart from that, it uses a rather old version of CafeTran.

The developer of the software, Igor Kmitowski, started a Google Group. I think everybody that uses CafeTran or is thinking of buying it, should join. Your questions are usually answered before you can ask them. As with all groups, the CafeTranslators Group is a bit fragmentary.

Or you can e-mail your questions directly to Igor. I'd prefer you'd ask them in the Google Group though, so all other members can profit from it. And if you're afraid of asking a stupid question in public, please do realise that there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.