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Thursday 26 July 2012

Natural or Alphabetical?

When you open a document to translate, its segments will appear sorted in the natural order. That makes sense. Most of the time. But consider this (real-life) example:

Upon arrival at Venice Treviso Airport, your driver will be waiting for you, holding a signboard with your name on it.

I once had to do 180,000 words in one week. Impossible, you'd say. That's what I said. But it turned out the document consisted only of a few hundred really different segments. In the example above, only the names of the city and the airport had to be changed. For about 100 destinations. A horrible job, but pecunia non olet. It would have been very frustrating (it was anyway) if I'd done that job with the segments in their natural order. However, if you select the alphabetical order, you can speed up things enormously.
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Yesterday I had to do a financial document. I sorted the segments alphabetically, so I did all the numbers first, which was the idea behind it. Then I wanted to toggle that setting back to "Natural" - I didn't do that for the 180k words job - but I couldn't find out how. Igor came to the rescue on the CafeTran support site (Where I post under my daughter's name, for no good reason):

Uncheck the View | Project segments filter or toggle the filter icon next to the Search box [to the left of it -HvdB] to go back to the "normal" view of the segments.

Yet another "problem" solved.