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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Language Codes

After installing the new build of CafeTran a month or so ago, I noticed that importing a TM (in TMX format) in a project was rather slow. And what was worse, lots of source language entries just didn't show up.
I suspected a problem with the language codes, and Igor confirmed it. My main language pair is English - Dutch, and opening the TM in a text editor showed that the source language code occurring in the file was both American English (EN-US) and British English (EN-GB). I used TextWrangler to Find/Replace all instances of EN-GB into EN-US, but any text editor should be able to do the job.

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This time, all source and target entries showed up in CT, but loading the memory into the project was still slow.
The answer to a question of another user in the CafeTran support forum solved the problem: The code consists of two parts, the language code (English in this case) and the region code (US). And it is case sensitive. Again I had to use TextWrangler, this time enabling the Case Sensitive box. And I repeated this action for nl-NL - my target language - and my other TMs.

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Problem solved.