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Tuesday 23 October 2012

October 2012 Update

New in CafeTran Espresso 2012 in Igor's words:

1. Refreshed Find and Replace panel.
2. Multiple segments filter allowing to perform multi-step filtering both of Project and TM segments.
3. QA filtering of spelling mistakes.
4. New Auto-assembling panel replacing the previous pop-up window.
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5. Enhancement in the Auto-assembling feature. 
6. Single-click mouse tag placement (activation via target window context menu).
7. Deciding on the Project location when creating a CT project.
8. New filter for Transit XML files and improvements in the SDLXLIFF filter.
9. No more segment breaks on format change (bold, italics, underline) in the Excel filter.
10. Import of TBX terminology.
11. Some changes in CT Terminology (Auto-assembling replaces Autotranslation, Fragments term is now used for exact subsegment matches)