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Thursday 23 August 2012

Another Month, Another Build

Yes, yet another update. The August 2012 build offers the following features and improvements:

1. Keyboard shortcuts editor (see Edit | Options | Keymap).
2. Addition of unknown words to user's spell-checker dictionary.
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3. Jumping over NO matches.
4. Translation of MS Word text boxes and TE index entries.
5. Option to add frequent words to a tab delimited glossary.
6. Setting the Fuzzy match display limit (from 1 to 6 fuzzy matches).
7. New display font attribute to indicate NO subsegment match (Edit | Appearance | Colors | No subsegment match color), which can be used to make differences between an existing target segment and a fuzzy match stand out visually.
8. Correct handling of leading and trailing brackets and full stops in multi-word abbreviations.
9. New, more logical grouping of menus and menu items.

This version also includes a new internal Web browser for viewing Internet resources in the CT interface. It replaces the older internal browser if CafeTran is run on Java 7.