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Tuesday 3 January 2012

Espresso 2012 UPDATE

Espresso 2012 is only a week young or so, and there is already an update. No, no bug fixes, a genuine update.

Says Igor:

Dear Cafetranslators,

I have uploaded the new build of CafeTran. The update concerns the logic of automatic insertion of translation into the target segment.
The current logic is in the following order:

1. Exact match.
2. Fuzzy match based on the Fuzzy much percentage level set in Options, and if not present:
3. Autotranslation (also called Autoassembly) based on its homogeneous accuracy level set in Options.

The trial version is available for download at http://www.cafetran.com/download.html.
Notice that CafeTran has a new address http://www.cafetran.com now.
The previous address will point to this site.

I will start sending this version to CT users this week. The current version is: CafeTran Espresso 2012010202.