[Please note that some of the entries are very old.*]

Monday 29 November 2010

Back to the Project File

This may seem a step back, and it sort of is a step back, but I want to go to the opening screen of CafeTran once more. That's where I apparently made my mistakes.

After starting CT, you will see a pop-up screen, the Project File, to configure the project. So I set up the project the first time only, and after that I just skipped that screen by cancelling it when restarting CT. I mean, I already set up the project, didn't I? I think that approach is wrong. Each time you start CT, you have to go via the Project File. Nothing to worry about, a few mouse clicks is all it takes. The screen should look like this:

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Note that I didn't enter the path of the document. Choosing the Project will do.
I also did some organising: I saved all databases for this project in one folder. I checked "Memory", and entered the folder for my MDB and my TDB. I also unchecked "Read Only" because I want to be able to add terms to the memory. Click Project, and choose the current project.

Everything is there, and all I have to do now, is add my Lex: Library>Glossaries>Autodesk Lex.

If I click the Lex bar, and go to Memory>Insert Machine Translation, the terms of the Lex will show up in the translation window. However, the shortcut mentioned after the command, F1, does not work for the Mac. That should read Fn+F1. I think the shortcuts for the Mac may need a revision.

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Another problem solved, is the one with the Autosave function. The default setting is autosave after 5 segments. No wonder my translation didn't show up after restarting CT. Now you can change the settings in Edit>Options>Workflow, but Igor advises against a low number of segments because Autosave can be processor intensive.

I also added a document, since I finished translating the first one. That's easy, just go to Project>Add Document. You can also import more than one document when you set up a project by entering a folder path instead of a document path in the Project File.
After finishing a document, CT will ask if you want to open it for review*, and will then lead you automatically to the next to be translated document.

No blog entry yesterday, sorry for that, but I learned a lot. Up to the point that I almost have the guts to accept a job and translate it in CT.

*It opens in TextWrangler, whereas I mentioned OOo (NeoOffice does not seem to work with CT, so I installed OOo) in the settings. Minor problem.