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Monday 3 January 2011

CafeTran and Office Suites

In my entry Configuring a New Project, I mentioned that you can use one of the OpenSource Office Suites to convert a .doc file to a .docx or xml file. CafeTran is XLIFF based, so this conversion is necessary, and although other apps can do the trick, these free Office Suites offer you very useful other benefits: They allow you to review your translation (only file formats supported by OO, of course), and to check your spelling in CafeTran on the go.

It seems most people don't have problems `integrating' an Office Suite into CT, but it took me ages, and without the help of Igor, I probably couldn't have done it, or - more likely - would have given up trying. Finally, I managed to do it, but I still haven't the foggiest of what actually did the trick.

I installed NeoOffice first, but that didn't work. Then I tried the latest version of OpenOffice, 3.2.1, and got the error message that JRE (Java Runtime Environment) didn't work. So I downloaded and installed version 2.4.1, and that was worse: It prompted me to enter something unspecified in the Terminal.

Time for Igor.

Igor suggested to try OOo 3.2.1 again, and to set the path to OOo in CT. Go to Edit>Options>General. In the field next to the Editor button, choose OOWriter from the drop down list. Click the Editor button itself, and in the dialog box that pops up, click the Classpath button. In most cases, you then move to your Applications folder, and you click OpenOffice.
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You should the see the following encouraging pop-up screen:
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Click OK and save. In Options, also click OK, and restart CT. In the menu item Project, you should now see OpenOffice.
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Encouraging, but that didn't mean that the spell checker was enabled. OOo is not a 64-bit application, so I was told to change the settings for Java to 32-bit. Go to Applications>Utilities>Java Preferences, and in the General tab, change the order so 32-bit is on top. Strangely enough, you cannot uncheck 64-bit, but changing the order is good enough.
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Or so I hoped. Nope. Still no spell check in CT. Only when I restarted the Mac, everything was working as it was supposed to do:
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