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Sunday 19 August 2012

The Wiki Gestapo

[rant] Sorry for the nasty header of this post. I can assure you I have nothing against Germans or Germany (I couldn't care less about football), and I probably would have used the word "Gestapo" if this post referred to a blog in any another language.

Anyway, on her excellent blog (in German), our colleague Elisabeth John mentions that the German Wiki entry for CafeTran has been removed.

Click to enlarge, or click here for the cached page

In my introduction to this blog, I already mentioned that the English overview of CAT tools in the Wikipedia had been seriously crippled. Very few proprietary tools are listed, and no doubt the most striking omission in the list is Déjà Vu, even though it's mentioned in a footer as the third most used CAT tool. The December 2012 entry lists just about all tools, and though I read the Wiki criteria for "Löschkandidaten", the omission of that many CAT tools seems to be completely arbitrary.

There is lots of criticism on the Wikipedia, and I'm afraid it's valid. The Wikipedia cannot be trusted. [/rant]