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Wednesday 16 February 2011

The CafeTran UI: The Project File (intermezzo)

Igor has done it again: He simplified the Project interface after reading my previous entry on this blog.
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However, he's cheating a bit - a few bytes even - because all 28 items are still there, hidden behind tabs (highlighted in yellow). This UI is far less `frightening' than the old one, so it's an improvement anyway.

In my wish list, I suggested to skip this interface all-together, and go straight to the workflow UI. Igor does not agree, and argues this `sounds good only if you want to continue the project.'

My arguments in favour of skipping the Project UI:

You can find the very same Project UI in the workflow UI under Project>Project Info. So why not take the `risk'? If you don't continue a project, set up a new one in the workflow UI.

Igor argues that it would take more steps: `first you would need to close all the memories, glossaries from the previous project and next go to the Project UI to configure them anew, which might be totally different than in the last project.' But is that true? I mean, `totally different'? I asked a question on Rosetta: How many language pairs do you work in, and how often do you switch between them? I don't have the results of this poll yet, but I bet the number of pairs is very limited. And if you work with Big Mamas and Papas for each pair, switching will not take much time. No time at all, if Igor manages to link the Mamas and the Papas (all the leaves are brown) to the various language combinations. That would only leave the project specific glossaries to select, and you'll have to do that anyway.

IMPORTANT NOTE for MAC users: For the time being, close CafeTran via the Project menu instead of using the keyboard shortcut. Igor will fix this soon. SOLVED